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After you have approved the ad and the price, your ad will publish immediately in The Daily Reporter newspaper and the GSPS News – the new official newspaper of California’s Builder’s Exchanges.

The ad will run continually until the bid date.

A copy of the ad and the Proof of Publication Statement for your bid package will follow by first-class mail.

You can pay by company check or credit card, whichever is easier for you.

The quoted price is to run your ad from the day you approve it until the bid date - no additional or hidden costs. This includes, as part of the outreach package, publishing in all newspaper editions, on the Internet at and also, emailed and Tweeted out to more than 6,000 qualified contractors and subcontractors every week until the bid date.

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The Daily Reporter Electronic Newspaper is a State of Californina recognized "minority-focused" publication and a certified DVBE-focused newspaper as well as a certified "Trade" newspaper. It is published in a North State edition, a So-Cal edition, and a statewide Water Edition. Ads are published in the newspaper and also posted on this web site. Every ad placed is also emailed directly to more than 6,000 state-certified DVBE, MBE, WBE and SBE firms.

C&S Publishing, a DGS certified SBE, also offer TRADE newspaper. Run your ads in the Golden State Plan Service (GSPS) News to satisfy your building and construction TRADE publication requirement. California’s Builders Exchanges are working together under a new umbrella organization called the Golden State Plan Service, and they have created the largest plan room in the state. To get plan information and industry news to contractors statewide, they have launched a new weekly newspaper called the GSPS News. This paper is produced by C&S Publishing in four regional editions, North state, Coastal, Central and Southern California. The first newspaper, GS News – Northern Edition is now available at Legal ads will reach more than 6,000 construction firms. They will also be posted on the new site and sent out via twitter and email blast – just like ads published in the Daily Reporter – for maximum outreach. The two papers together, the Reporter a recognized “minority-focused” newspaper and the GSPS News a “trade” paper, gives you an unmatched outreach program at an unbeatable price.


The cost of an ad depends on the length of the ad (column inches). A proof of your ad with the price is provided BEFORE the ad is run. In general, the C&S Publishing newspapers are less expensive than our competitors. Plus, we offer a terrific outreach service.

Place your ad today and we will send you a proof by email. When you are happy with the proof we will run your ad and send you a TEAR SHEET which is your PROOF OF PUBLICATION, along with an invoice. You get net 30 days to pay -- instant credit with C&S Publishing!

For more information, please call C&S Publishing at 916-729-5432.

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